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“High Power Athletics is a great blend of Form, Strength, Speed and Endurance training. Gary, Kevin and their coaches are active, knowledgeable, dedicated, and innovative. They offer a wide variety of class times as well as a unique way for people to achieve their goals. They welcome anyone with a desire to be fit. All of the athletes there are nice and are always willing to help, coach, cheer and push you to your fitness goals. Highly recommend the High Power team, as they teach and coach the right way.”

William Sullivan’s story

“I couldn’t feel better about this season. I dropped about an hour off my Ironman time and was able to improve my Half Ironman time by over 20 minutes all without even a hint of injury or illness. Completing an Ironman (and then improving on the result) have been a major goal for at least the last 10 years. I would not be able to reach these goals without High Power Athletics and Coach Gary’s help.”

Michael York’s story

Two time Ironman triathlete, Watertown, MA

“As a kid I HATED gym class. I have NEVER played sports in my life, and I could probably count on one hand the number of times I worked out in a gym. I was begged by my girlfriend to at least “try” a Crossfit group training class with her… “Didn’t she know me at all,” I thought?!?! I’m that person who paid $10 a month and joined planet fitness and got the free tee shirt and never showed up again, until I went in to cancel my membership a year later. But, ever since trying out our first class last September we have been addicted! The coaches, Kevin, Alex, Brittany, and Kristine are knowledgeable, positive, driven and kind! I love all of them!!!! They are also insanely inspirational with their bodies of strength, muscle, and perfection! I came in as an overweight, out of shape, previous smoker and not a spring chicken! Not only did I feel welcome and accepted at High Power Athletics, I felt like I had been working out there forever! No judgment or awkwardness here at all! Everyone at High Power Athletics is kind and friendly and I have met so many wonderful friends here! Everyone is positive all the time and cheers each other on. I have exceeded my own expectations and have accomplished things I never thought possible. My High Power Athletics coaches give me the confidence and inspiration to tackle any workout put in front of me. My coaches taught me to say “I need to improve on that or work at this more” instead of “I can’t do that or I suck at this.” The coaches are all knowledgeable about nutrition, diet, and workout and I love participating in their Paleo diet challenges. Over the last several months, I lost 18 pounds and many inches, ran my first 5k, and hit milestones I never thought possible since being a member of this box! I look forward to coming in 3-4 times every week, and although I still don’t like wall balls or running, I can say I don’t HATE working out anymore, I actually LOVE it!!!! Thank you Kevin, Gary, Joey, and Sammy, I am forever grateful to all of you!”

Lori C’s story