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Gary Lombardo coach at High Power Athletics

Gary Lombardo - OWNER

In business and in life, I’m all in. I’m an adventurer, athlete, coach, seeker of new experiences, and am comfortable being uncomfortable. I’ve been on high altitude expeditions to more than 8 different countries, including in the Andes and to 7100m+ in the Himalaya.

I’ve scaled walls and jumped over fire in 30+ mile obstacle course races, raced 3 Ironmans, finished 30+ half Ironmans, skied untouched powder in backcountry of the Rockies, completed skate ski marathons, hung in crevasses, climbed frozen waterfalls, rode elephants in the Nepali jungle, cage dived with great white sharks, swam 3+ mile races in the open ocean and am a Death Race finisher.

I bring this passion and knowledge to High Power Athletics and athletes I coach. As a natural teacher and coach, one of my greatest skills is my ability to motivate individuals to push outside their comfort zone to attain what they thought wasn’t possible, as well as communicate complex training principles into simple, easy to understand training programs. I focus on achieving a life balance with training for the athlete, as well as apply the principles of specificity, appropriate progression and overload in addition to attending to the details of recovery, strength, nutrition, mental training to develop programs that are personalized, effective, safe and achieve results. I am a United States Triathlon L1 coach, Spartan SGX L2 coach, CrossFit L2 coach, CrossFit Powerlifting and CrossFit Endurance coach and have helped hundreds of athletes achieve their personal goals.

Kevin Cronin coach at High Power Athletics


I found CrossFit in 2011 and instantly fell in love with the methodology and the ability to connect with people. I became an affiliate owner to help people improve their lives through fitness. What we teach here starts with fitness and health but it becomes so much more.

The happiness, courage, and confidence we have been able to help people find is what keeps me coming in everyday with a smile on my face. Helping people improve their quality of life through health and fitness has meant the world to me and fuels my inner fire to strive to be the best coach possible. As much as I love coaching here I also love working out side by side with our members and achieving my goals with the support of our coaches and community .
I am a competitive athlete at heart who likes to have fun with everything I do, trying to help create the best hour in our members day.

CrossFit L2 Cert, CrossFit Gymnastics Cert, CPR Cert, Competitive Master’s athlete.

OUR coaches

Sammy Barrios coach at High Power Athletics

Sammy Barrios


While on a job I came across High Power Athletics and thought this could be a great way to lose 20 pounds. As a former Semi-Pro football player I instantly fell in love with CrossFit's methodology and competitive spirit.

I have always had a competitive spirit and I enjoy helping others find theirs. Coaching has given me a great opportunity to help people find their competitive side while keeping mine alive as well. Although I love to work hard and push people to do the same. One of my favorite things here at CFHP is the community we have built and the fun we have here everyday.

Joey Barrett coach at High Power Athletics

Joey Barrett


I am a competitive endurance athlete who came to HighPower to build strength and improve my endurance game. What I found was a great way to improve my strength, flexibility, and my mental strength.

CrossFit has helped me become a stronger, faster, more competitive athlete. Coaching here at CFHP has given me an opportunity to share all that I have learned with some great people. Being a part of their growth has had a big impact in my life. I love keeping up with the big boys on the lifts but more importantly I love helping people to become more confident versions of themselves through Fitness.

CJ coach at High Power Athletics



You can call me Coach CJ. I found High Power Athletics in 2020 and the only thing I like more than being a member here is being a Coach. Helping the other coaches stay on point and demonstrating movements for our members makes High Power the best part of my day.

I have never let Down Syndrome get in the way of anything and I have been able to take what I have learned here to help all of my teammates at Hockey, Track, Basketball, and even Karate.

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